quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2009

A cidade de Rubim-MG e as montanhas


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Anônimo disse...

scenic place!

Thatha disse...

Nossa...que linduu

LarryG disse...

more great photos! == fotos maiores!

Ricardo Thadeu disse...

Lindo mesmo, deu vontade de viajar agora.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg disse...

this is Sarah Sofia again,
thanks for your comments on my blog.

beautiful pictures! Do you use a filter oder does the sky really look like this?

I'm gonna try again to get resgistered, let's see, if it works out this time...

By the way: I have established some new blogs, several of them in English as well. you can get to them from the old blog or use this one:
see ya!
sarah sofia